A biweekly excuse for cool people in Lisbon to get together, socialize, have some drinks and doodle.
So what exactly is drink & draw?
Drink & draw is a pop-up drawing session with a casual party atmosphere where you'll leave your cares behind and go home with a one-of-a-kind sketch created by you. Invite your friends, meet cool people, enjoy a few drinks and unleash your inner-artist. Sessions twice per month, in some of Lisbon's coolest venues.
You shall socialize, draw, have drinks, network, and get plastered in the process.
You shall arrive at each drawing session thirsty and ready to have a great time. Respect differences, the safety recommendations and be open to new concepts and ideas.
Drink & Draw joined forces with some of our favorite hidden spots in Lisbon to offer you a fun, unique, and welcoming environment so you can feel inspired.
Drink & Draw sessions are pure eco-friendly. That's why we're plastic free, use sustainable drawing materials, partner with eco-friendly spots and advise zero alcoholic waste!
Drink & Draw sessions were designed to "disconnect to connect". So turn off your phone, be present and enjoy the moment.
It's not about what's "perfect," it's about what's fun. That's what makes Drink & Draw meetups the best parties ever!
NEXT EVENT: Heden Rossio
Largo do Duque de Cadaval 17,
Fracção 1, 1200-160 Lisboa
July 30, 7-9pm
Why Heden Rossio?
Our next venue - Heden Rossio - is a modern and dynamic shared workspace, located in the heart of the city at the historical building of Rossio Train Station. Heden has been serving freelancers and leading international companies in the emerging digital and creative industries by providing shared working spaces, event management and production services in Lisbon. In addition, they provide an inspiring environment with a community of talented professionals, as well as a range of events and workshops to drive growth for their members and external community. Come join us in our next Drink & Draw in Héden Rossio.
How it works
Spots are limited. Advanced registration is required.
Tickets: 25€
Payment: mbway or bank transfer
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    Reserve your spot
    Spots are limited so sign up to snag yours today ! As soon as you reserve it you'll receive an email with all the details and when you send us the payment' proof you are IN! Everybody is welcome, no matter if you just picked up a pencil the first time in your life or if you're a professional artist. No skill level required, it's all about having fun.
  • 2
    We provide the drawing materials
    There's no need to bring any drawing materials (but feel free to bring your own), just a big, fat dose of enthusiasm. Your ticket includes all the drawing materials, music curated by @deejay_kwan, live models and 2 drinks.
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    Have a great time
    Make sure you arrive on time or a few minutes early. Turn off your phone and
    have fun meeting new people and reconnecting with your inner artist - just make sure you agree with our RULES.
Fun art. Not fine art.

"Turns out, art and alcohol can be a good mix, so we built Drink & Draw to help people escape the stress-filled everyday and relax in our colorful, casual atmosphere."

  • Tânia Valle
    Lifeaholic and creative mind, Tânia is the passionate voice of the project.
    With a marketing background, she manages every single business or meet up with her friends the same way, so don't try to resist and expect to be caught up in her contagious bubbly personality. She loves people watching, making up new words, a perfect bang trim, Lisbon and a glass (or two!) of wine!

    Why Drink & Draw? I believe we all should do more things that make us put our phones down.
  • Ana Fontinha
    Arts lover and an "habitué" of bold decisions, Ana is responsible for all our visual communication and everything you can see. Her aesthetic know-how (and smile) will make our Drink & Draw meetups and the world a little bit more beautiful and feminist. She loves healthy stuff, breakfast, discovering new places, to be in love, squats, and Tânia!

    Why Drink & Draw? I believe in Drink & Draw as Kanye believes in Kanye.

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